Recording Strike, Lockout or Protest Action Details are Vital for Statistics

6 Nov, 2015

In terms of section 205(3)(a) of the Labour Relations Act, No. 66 of 1995 (LRA), an employer must record details of strike, lockout or protest action in LRA Form 9.2 (LRA form).

The Industrial Action Report takes into account all labour disputes, including those that are pre-arranged between management and the employees. It also includes protest action and pickets during lunch hours and after hours, as well as protests by workers who are on leave. Employers are not expected to complete the LRA form in all of these instances, as recognised industrial action can only occur during office hours and by workers who are expected to be at work.

Employers are encouraged to record all industrial action in the workplace and to ensure that accurate submissions are made to the department each time an incident occurs. The cooperation of private sector employers will speed up the process of data collection.